Type Approval

Type Approval Rules

As amended 1 March, 2017


1. These rules are made pursuant to Sections 61 and 62 of the Communications Act of 2012. These sections provide that the Commission may specify technical standards for the customer equipment permitted to be attached to   licensed communications networks and prohibit persons from selling, or offering for sale, and/or attaching equipment to a communications network that does not meet these standards.

2. The purpose of these Rules is to ensure that the communications equipment used in Kiribati does not:

a. cause harmful interference or degradation of service to other users of the radio spectrum

b. adversely affect the operation, reliability, or integrity of a communications network or other communications equipment

c. cause a health or safety risk to any person.


‘Certificate of Compliance’ means a document issued by a Conformity Assessment Body stating that a specific type of equipment complies with one or more technical standards;
‘Communications network’ means a system that uses electricity or electromagnetic energy for providing communications services between network termination points;
‘Customer equipment’ means equipment (including cabling) that is on the customer side of the network termination point and intended to be connected to a communications network;
‘Declaration of Conformity’ means a sworn statement issued by an equipment manufacturer declaring that a type of equipment complies with one or more technical standards;
‘Equipment’ includes any appliance, apparatus, device or accessory used or intended to be used for communications purposes.


3. The list of equipment that is required to be type approved before use in Kiribati can be found in Appendix A and is also published on the CCK website. CCK reserves the right to amend this list from time to time at its discretion.

4. CCK authorizes the use of equipment in Kiribati where it is in compliance with the international technical standards for radio, telecommunications, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and safety recognized by the ACMA (Australia Communications and Media Authority), the CE (European Commission), the FCC (Federal Communications Commission-USA) and the ITU (International Telecommunications Union).

5. A specific type of equipment only needs to be authorized once. The CCK will maintain a Type Approval Register on its website that lists the types of equipment that have been approved. Applicants should check this Register prior to applying for Type Approval to avoid submitting an application for equipment that has already been authorized.

6. Communications equipment imported for use in Kiribati prior to the publication of these Rules is considered type approved. However, in cases where the CCK discovers that this equipment does not comply with Rule 2 above, owners of the equipment will be required to dispose of it.

7. Communications equipment purchased outside of Kiribati and imported personally for private use does not require CCK type approval. However, it must have a compliance mark/label indicating that it meets the technical        standards of:

Organization Regulatory Compliance Mark

1 the ACMA (Australia Communications and Media Authority)

2 the CE (European Commission)

3 the FCC (Federal Communications Commission-USA),

4 the ITU (International Telecommunications Union).

Application Process

8. Applications for Type Approval shall be submitted to CCK either in person at our offices, by post, or electronically by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

9. A separate application must be completed for each type of equipment.

10. An application for Type Approval must be made using the Type Approval Application Form, which is available for download on the CCK website. Click here to download the Type Approval Form.

11. The following supporting documentation must be included as part of an application for Type Approval:
a. A Declaration/Certificate of Conformity

b. Test reports issued by a testing laboratory accredited by ACMA, the CE, the FCC or the ITU demonstrating that the equipment complies with standards related to the effective use of radio frequency spectrum for radio communications equipment, safe interconnection with public telecommunication networks, the protection of the health and the safety of the user, and electromagnetic compatibility as applicable

c. An original catalogue/manual that provides a basic understanding of the equipment, its operation, technology, and use

d. A copy/photo of the Type Approval compliance label/markings placed on the equipment

e. Description of any repair services offered for the equipment in Kiribati

f. Proof of payment of the Type Approval application fee.

12. Applicants shall provide all supporting documentation in English in hard copy format, PDF file, or as a CD ROM. Electronic submissions are preferred.

13. CCK will not process applications unless and until all required supporting documents are submitted.

14. Applications for Type Approval will be processed during a period not to exceed 7 calendar days from the date upon which the complete application package was received by the CCK.

15. If an application is approved, the CCK will update the Type Approval Register on its website with the entry of the equipment that has been approved for use and issue an Approval Certificate to the applicant. Subsequent importers of the same equipment type are required to purchase an Approval Certificate from the CCK to be kept at their place of business. The CCK may request to see this Approval Certificate during any surveillance activities.

16. An Approval Certificate shall be valid for all batches of a given type of equipment and remains in force as long as the equipment complies with Rule 2 above.

17. In the case where CCK is not satisfied in respect to any aspect of the application, it reserves the right to reject the application with explanation. The Applicant may, however, address the non-compliance and submit a new application for Type Approval. In case of rejection, the application fee will not be refunded.

Type Approval Fees

18. The application fee for Type Approval is AUD 10. This fee covers the costs associated with processing Type Approval applications. It is nonrefundable and must be paid before applying for Type Approval.

19. The fee for an Approval Certificate for equipment that has already been typed approved is AUD 5. This fee covers the cost of ongoing market surveillance activities.

20. All fees may be paid by check, cash, or bank transfer, in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Cancellation of Approval

22. The CCK may cancel a Type Approval in the event that:
a. any information provided as part of the application is found to be counterfeited or false;

b. it forms the opinion that the equipment does not comply with Rule 2 above.

23. Any approval that has been cancelled will be published on the CCK website and deleted from the list of approved equipment in the Type Approval Registry.

Surveillance of Equipment

24. CCK will perform market surveillance activities from time to time to ensure that communications equipment used in Kiribati is compliant with these Rules.

25. In the case of non-compliance, the CCK may confiscate the equipment and/or require persons to take corrective actions at their own expense, including ceasing to sell the concerned equipment and ensuring that the equipment is disposed of or otherwise not in use in Kiribati.

26. Those who use, sell, or connect equipment to communications networks in breach of these Rules shall be punished in accordance with the provisions of the Communications Act of 2012.

Appendix A

Types of Equipment Requiring Type Approval in Kiribati

1. Radio/Wireless
Includes radio transmitters and equipment used for cellular mobile communication, including equipment used for WLAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, WiMax, GPRS, EDGE, GSM, 3G/4G, and UMTS and laptops and tablets with short range radio technology such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
2. Fixed
Includes equipment used for fixed satellite services, fixed microwave links, satellite earth stations, telecommunications switching equipment, and radio transmitters.
3. Fixed Wireless Terminal Equipment
Includes CDMA desktop phone, GSM Gateway, cordless phones, Telex equipment, telephone, and other such terminal equipment.
4. Broadband Terminal Equipment
Includes the WiMax Terminal, Wi-Fi Terminal, CDMA USB/PCMCIA Modems, ISDN terminal equipment, ADSL/HDSL equipment.

Types of Equipment Exempt from Type Approval in Kiribati

1. Personal computers

2. Receiver-only radio equipment intended to be used solely for the reception of sound (radio) and terrestrial TV broadcasting services, including satellite dishes and aerials

3. Short range infrared remote control equipment, including TV remote controls, toys, garage door openers, etc…

4. Terminal equipment used by licensed radio amateurs for personal use.

Type approval documents can be downloaded from the links provided below - pdf

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