Strategic Plan

Message from the Chairman

It is my great pleasure to introduce the Commission’s Strategic Plan for the fiscal years 2020 to 2024.

The Commission’s activities centred around its roles and responsibilities as defined in the Communications Act 2013 and the subsequent amendments and the related ICT policy documents, notably the National ICT policy and the Government KV20. The requirements of the Act and those of the related ICT policies were aimed at capitalising on the benefits of the digital economy that could be delivered to the people of Kiribati, the local communities in particular, at a competitive and reasonable price so to strengthen the social fabric, promote economic growth and prosperity, protect public safety and transform their lives for the better.

As the digital connectivity and economy is extended to the people of Kiribati, where ever they may reside within the Republic, the communications devices and networks become a very important and one of the essential components of their daily lives. This is especially true in how they receive news, information and entertainment, how they stay in touch with their friends and family members, how they work and do business (large and small), how they communicate and coordinate in times of emergency, how they participate in the government activities and how they learn and study.

The scattered nature of the islands making up the Republic calls for a more coordinated and cooperative approach between the Commission, the ICT players and stakeholders and the Government and I hope that this document lays the basic foundation and addresses the pressing need to get the parties and stakeholders together to agree on a feasible way forward in progressing the ICT Strategic Plan for the next 4 years.

I look forward to working closely with Government, through the sector Ministry, and other ICT players and stakeholders, including the private sector and the local communities, as the Commission implement this plan. I have high hopes that the strategies outlined in this plan will allow the Commission to address the various ICT related issues and challenges, smoothly and in a timely manner, in the years to come.

I wish all those involved in implementing the requirements of this plan Te Mauri, Te Raoi ao Te Tabomoa.


Mr Tabokai Kiritome


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