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Please read the Kiribati Domain Name Service Agreement for 2nd Level Domain before registering your domain.

1. Please fill in the blank space below in order for us to register your domain on your behalf. 

2. Please note that the processing of the domain registration and activation will depend entirely on receipt of the fee. Submitting a completed form without a payment for the domain fee will not be processed until confirmation is received from the Account Section. 

3. Please also note that you must fill in the blank space that has an asterisk (*) 

4. The registration and renewal fee is the same. 

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CCK is offering 2 types of fees for the top level domain .ki.

  • For those who reside  in Kiribati at annual and renewal fee of AUD $200.
  • For those who reside outside of Kiribati at an annual and rewal fee of AUD $1000

We have a new prices for second level domains.

1.  $100/year for Business, non-government organization, or government agency. 

2.  $20/year for Individuals. 

3.  $10/year for Students. 

4.  School or educational institution, the fee is fixed at $50.00/year

5.  Organizations of any kind or for individuals that do not have a physical address in Kiribati, the fee is fixed at $150/year.

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