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The former Telecommunication Authority of Kiribati has a new change of name under the new ACT and the new name now is Communications Commission of Kiribati. The Commission's main core function will regulate communications service providers and the use of the radio spectrum in Kiribati. The Commission is charged with implementing and enforcing the provisions of the Act, including the granting and management of licenses, telephone numbers, radio spectrum assignments, the selling and the registration of the DOT KI (.ki) domain names and the type approval of electronic devices emitting analog and digital signals.


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This is the draft of ATHKL Reference Offer ("draft RIO") that has been submtted to the Commission for approval pursuant to section 43 of the ACT.

Any comments should be supported by reasoned argument and analysis and provided to the Commission within fourteen days from 2nd May 2017.

The revised and approved ATHKL RIO will be again published. 

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ATHKL Reference Interconnection Offer Draft